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Alex Szinegh

Alex Szinegh


As the Regional Owner for Florida and New York, Alex Zoltan Szinegh shares a vested interest in the success of every member of the Cooperative Real Estate movement. His statement, “We are committed to your growth” is not just a slogan, it is a lifelong commitment.

A Hungarian born refugee of unimaginable circumstances in a war torn region, Alex fled homelessness and starvation for the safety of the Canadian border. 40 years a Canadian and the father of 4 healthy children and 6grandchildren, Alex achieved meteoric success as a residential Real Estate Agent equipped with only a grade 10 education. Alex proudly became a US Citizen on September 11, 2015! He still speaks, reads and writes Hungarian along with a little Spanish, German and Russian.

With an impressive track record of over 34 years and over3500 sales, Alex later became a Real Estate Broker and emerged finally as the Executive Vice President of North American Real Estate for Exit Realty Corporation International. He was also the Director of Training for that organization with a keen focus on personal and professional development. 

Alex has authored several bestselling books with co-authors like Greg S. Reid, Dr. Rohn, Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield and the esteemed Stephen Covey. 

Alex has trained and coached tens of thousands of Real Estate Agents to communicate more effectively, take listings and grow their income.  He still runs free trainings regularly to pay it forward and give back to the industry that gave him and his family a life he could never have imagined. 

Motto: “Nothing can resist the human will that stakes even its existence on a stated purpose.”

Professional Goal: To make Cooperative Real Estate the largest most productively successful Real Estate brand on the North American continent.

Personal Goal: To be the best husband, father and example I can be and to provide opportunity for others to enjoy success on a scale they can't even imagine.