If the walls of your new custom ICI home could talk, they wouldn’t tell you about their satiny shades of paint, or that the fun family-room mural was commissioned from a local artist.

No, they’d describe the thickness of the superior-grade insulation behind them, or how their precise construction produces an overall tighter building seal, which prevents air leakage and inflated power bills.

In today’s new homes, all those behind-the-studs components are as important as open floor plans, spa-like bathrooms and giant farm sinks in the kitchen. A home stocked with the latest energy-efficient appliances, mechanical and HVAC systems and building materials, represents a major upgrade in comfort and long-term value.

Read on to find out why you want an energy-efficient home.

Building an Energy Efficient Home

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How you build an energy-efficient home

You start with the best construction materials. Then you add top-notch techniques and crafts people. Builders like ICI Homes prioritize efficient, earth-friendly homes. We already have those basic premises built — pardon our pun — into the process.

You know your new custom Florida home will contain state-of-the-art insulation, window glass, and storm code-mandated extras such as roofing reinforcement. These quality components translate into money saved and interior comfort and security.

Here’s what to look for: a new home’s RESNET HERS rating. Without losing you to a mathematical explanation, it’s a sum of construction materials and techniques that produce a well-built, energy-efficient home. In ICI Homes’ case, a third-party energy rating service — Skyetec — inspects new homes twice, once during construction and once construction is done.

Those inspection results are sent to the Florida Solar Energy Center, a RESNET Accredited Rating Provider, who officially certifies them. The lower your new home’s HERS rating, the more energy efficient it is. Per the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical new home has a HERS rating of 100. Resales average around 130. If your new home is certified at 40, throw a party!

How you stock an energy-efficient home

You can pitch in by maintaining the compact florescent lighting that we install, and using the programmable thermostats that automatically save money without you realizing it.