If you are in search of affordable real estate in the Daytona Beach area of Florida, you can find what you are looking for with Beach Bum Realty. Purchasing a Daytona Beach Short Sale may just be what you are looking for.

Some of the prime properties to be had are Daytona Beach short sales, but how should you search for them?  Finding properties in the pre-foreclosure stage (short sales) is somewhat daunting task especially if you have to do the legwork all by yourself.  This is where the Real Estate Professionals at Beach Bum Realty comes in. The Beach Bum Realty Professionals will help you find these prized properties, but prior to delving into these, you may need to understand what a short sale actually is.

Daytona Beach FL Real Estate Short Sales

2 beds - 2 Baths

2727 N Atlantic Avenue 414 4

Daytona Beach, Florida

MLS® ID: 1035893

2 beds - 1 Bath

905 S Beach Street

Daytona Beach, Florida

MLS® ID: 1033631

3 beds - 2+ Baths

205 Surf Scooter Drive

Daytona Beach, Florida

MLS® ID: 1033021

3 beds - 2 Baths

452 Brown Pelican Drive

Daytona Beach, Florida

MLS® ID: 1030935

Many times short sales are a better option since you can get bigger savings by making the purchase prior to the actual foreclosure proceedings. This method is preferred by many investors and homebuyers alike. When dealing with a Daytona Beach short sales, we can guide you through the process. This process could take weeks, even months, so if you are in a hurry to buy, this may not be your best choice. Many banks today are willing to accept a short sale simply because it saves them money by not having to pay the legal costs involved, insuring, maintenance and selling costs after foreclosure. They can also show the money received from the sale as income versus showing it as a total loss after the foreclosure process is completed. This helps with the banks’ balance sheet and share price which pleases stock holders.

If you need to sell your Daytona Beach property via short sale, Beach Bum Realty can come to your rescue. We currently have almost a 100% closing success rate on all short sale properties we list and a 90% rate on the sellers having no delinquency judgment placed against them. No other Real Estate Company in the Daytona Beach area can boast of this rate of success.

So, whether you are buying or selling, investing, a vacation home, first time home buyer or a retiree, that call to Beach Bum Realty may be the best choice you can make for a positive real estate future