Ponce Inlet is one of the most desirable areas in Volusia County to set up home. The peaceful town with over 3,000 residents enjoys the best of the Halifax River and the ocean, which lends the perfect environment to set up an exclusive home. To build a custom home you may want to consider Ponce Inlet lots and land for sale. The upscale community has developed significantly over the years although it is never in danger of losing its small town charm. The town’s residents have the opportunity to lead the most peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. Vacant lots are the eye of many a discerning investor, which is why land always commands a healthy price. The price of a single family lot of 87′ X 125′ to build your beachside dream home may cost around $150,000 and more, depending on the location. A number of motivated land owners have built their nests, often at a price much less than a smaller home in a big city.

Ponce Inlet Lots For Sale 


4736-38 S ATLANTIC Avenue

Ponce Inlet, Florida

MLS® ID: 1013575


0 S Peninsula Drive

Ponce Inlet, Florida

MLS® ID: 1034687


4908 S Peninsula Drive

Ponce Inlet, Florida

MLS® ID: 1034686


4735 Riverglen Boulevard

Ponce Inlet, Florida

MLS® ID: 1034798

If you are looking for a place to build your dream home then it is time to call up your realtor for the best possible deal at a price you can afford. At Cooperative Real Estate Pros we specialize in Ponce Inlet lots and land for sale. Our experienced team will show you the finest lots that suit your budget and style. Go ahead and make your retirement wishes come true. Give us a call today if you have any questions about Ponce Inlet and real estate options available. We can schedule a visit to the incredible peninsula at your convenience.