If you desire to live in the lap of luxury then Spruce Creek Fly In at Port Orange is the perfect place to invest in a home. Located in Northeast Florida, a few miles from Daytona Beach, the luxurious neighborhood lives up to its name where many homes feature hangars for residents to store their aircraft. The gated community is manned by 24 hour security staff. You will find a choice of investment opportunities ranging from smaller golf villas to enormous lake front estates. Prices range from $250,000 to a million or more, depending on our choice of comforts. In addition, the neighborhood has a state-of-the-art golf course, bike trails, tennis courts, shopping, a restaurant, health club, and office space that can be rented as well.

Spruce Creek Fly-In Port Orange, Fl. Homes For Sale

4 beds - 4+ Baths

1783 Earhart Court

Port Orange, Florida

MLS® ID: 1033553

5 beds - 4 Baths

1971 Country Club Drive

Port Orange, Florida

MLS® ID: 1036848

4 beds - 3 Baths

2632 Spruce Creek Boulevard

Port Orange, Florida

MLS® ID: 1036039

3 beds - 2 Baths

3104 Waterway Place

Port Orange, Florida

MLS® ID: 1036613

Owning a home in Spruce Creek Fly In offers multiple benefits. While it serves as a sanctuary for you and your family, you can also count on it as a solid asset base with a significant growth in your investment much sooner than you expect. The world’s most famous residential airport features a 4,000 feet runway and GPS approach that accommodates aircraft of various sizes. The neighborhood consists of around 1, 300 homes with paved taxiways and 700 hangars where celebrities like John Travolta and many others have enjoyed the privacy and unique lifestyle. Among the most sought after homes are condos, town homes with plane ports, and single family homes with attached hangars with direct access to taxiways and boat docks. If you desire to own one of these exclusive homes then give as a call at Cooperative Real Estate Pros. We have the resources to ‘zero in’ on the perfect home for you.